Corporate Scholars Conference – Seattle University

I am back from a productive and inspiring conference of corporate scholars hosted by Dean Kellye Testy and Seattle University School of Law last weekend.  The conference piggy-backed on Seattle Law’s annual Director Training Academy which many conference participants also attended.

The highlight of the conference was the work-in-progress paper sessions where participants presented and received comments on working papers on corporate and securities law issues.   Barbara Black, Lynne Dallas, Jill Fisch, Donna Nagy, Janis Sarra, Hillary Sale and Cheryl Wade presented papers.  Other participants were Claire Moore Dickerson, Christine Hurt, Faith Kahn, Kellye Testy and Elizabeth Nowicki. 

I commented on an interesting working paper by Hillary Sale of Iowa entitled “Judicial Gatekeepers,” which argues that judges should take a more proactive role in reviewing settlements in shareholder litigation in order to help mitigate agency costs inherent in aggregate litigation (class actions and derivative actions).

What I enjoyed most about the conference was learning so much about corporate law developments in a short period of time, while getting a preview of some very good work by leading corporate scholars that will be coming down the pike soon.  Thanks to Kellye Testy, Dana Gold and Seattle University School of Law for hosting such an enjoyable and productive conference.


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