There’s still some time for catching up on summer reading (at least here at BC Law where a week remains before classes start).  To round out your reading list, I recommend The Failure of Corporate Law by my Boston College Law School colleague Kent Greenfield.  The book aims to provide “a comprehensive theoretical response to Easterbrook and Fischel from the stakeholder perspective.” Professor Greenfield’s book recently received this highly favorable review in the Law and Policy Book Review:  THE FAILURE OF CORPORATE LAW

Professor Benedict Sheehy of University of New Castle, New South Wales calls The Failure of Corporate Law “refreshing” and “enlightening.”  He concludes that Greenfield’s book “merits a place alongside Berle and Means, Easterbrook and Fichel, and indeed, one can but hope that it becomes the touchstone for for further corporate law reform globally.” 

Kent will be guest blogging at Corporate Law and Democracy this fall.  His book and the book review are a great introduction to his work.


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