About the Author

Professor Renee Jones, Boston College Law School

Renee Jones teaches and writes in the corporate area.  Her courses at BC Law include Corporations, Securities Regulation, Corporate Governance and Current Topics in Securities Regulation.  Her scholarship focuses on corporate governance, corporate ethics and the federal-state relationship in corporate regulation. 

About “Corporate Law and Democracy”

Welcome to the Corporate Law and Democracy Blog, a repository of ideas, comments and papers on a range of issues related to corporate law and democracy.  My aim is to bring together concepts and theories from a variety of legal disciplines that touch on questions related to the internal governance of corporations and the influence of corporations and corporate law on our political and social structure.  The Blog will approach this broad topic from a variety of perspectives including federalism, legal history, and political theory.  I will include my own thoughts, along with insightful perspectives and interesting ideas of others that are relevant to the broader inquiry.


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