Law Students Grade Law Firms on Diversity

October 17, 2007

An enterprising group of Stanford Law School students have compiled a report that analyzes the demographic composition of law firms across the country and graded the firms for their level of achievement in creating a diverse workforce.  The rankings are informative because the show that some firms are much more successful than others in hiring, promoting and retaining attorneys from a variety of backgrounds. 

Law students deciding on jobs and corporations selecting firms to work with should find the data assembled by the group enlightening.  More information on the report and rankings for law firms sorted by city are available here:  Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession.

With a touch of chagrin I note that my hometown, Boston,  has the worst record of all major cities on law firm diversity.  According to the Stanford group’s faculty adviser:  “Boston is the absolute worst in the country on diversity. Your’re Number 1!   Seriously, the total absolute worst on racial diversity.”  Yikes!!